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Birds, Birds Everywhere

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Breaking News:  Ms. Froese and her childhood friend, Mr. John Patrick, started writing a book on birds this summer.  Ms. Froese wrote the text and Mr. Patrick is doing the photographs and comics.  

A Study of Birds  ((Download Study Sheet  from this link)  

Check out @JStCPatrick on the LIvingstone Twitter feed  for tweets of local birds in Vancouver, B.C.  

Project Based Learning:  BIRDS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA

Date:___________________          Time: ___________________    Bird # ______

Location of Observation: ___________________________________________________

(i.e. front lawn, Apple tree…)


1.  Observe this bird closely.   Document your observations and add detail to your study with a pencil drawing on a blank paper.  Label the parts of the bird.

2.  What do you see? Describe the bird and the surrounding habitat in detail.

Colour: _________________________________________________________________

Size: ___________________________________________________________________

Behavior: _______________________________________________________________

Parts of the bird:  i.e. tail, wings, belly, eyes, chin etc.____________________________


Habitat: ________________________________________________________________

3.  What do you hear?

Voice: ________________________________  (What does the bird's call sound like?)

Habitat: ______________________ (What other sounds do you hear in the environment?)


What questions do you have about this bird?   What would you like to learn?               

List the things you're curious about.  Decide which questions you want answered:

a)    What type of bird is it? Species, name?

b)   What does this birds eat?  Where does it find it's food?

c)  Who are this bird's enemies / predators?

d)    How do they nest?

e)   How can we protect these birds?

2.    Do your research and record the place you found the information (in note form, full sentences not required)


Follow up:

Create a piece of art of your bird. ie. Painting, sculpture, mosaic, drawing, collage.

Write a story using personification (giving human qualities to the bird).

Download or create a map of where you saw the bird.

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