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Annual PAC Direct Drive

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Watch the thermometer grow.

It's time to kick off the annual Direct Drive Donation Campaign!

The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at David Oppenheimer is asking for your support! Direct Drive is a straightforward method of raising funds by simply donating money which then allows the PAC to offer more services and events at the school for our children!

100% of the money donated goes directly to our children & school!

100% of your donation is also tax deductible!

We rely on your donation to make David Oppenheimer the best school it can be. Please help us reach our goal of $5000! With your support and continued generosity, our children can benefit from enriching opportunities!

DONATE HERE before November 21, 2019. A tax receipt will be made available to you online.

Thank you for your generous support! Your donation makes a big difference to our school!


Parent Advisory Council David Oppenheimer Elementary School

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