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You can check out the Oppenheimer Library Blog here for regular updates - book reviews, library news, activities and more!

Resources from Vancouver Public Library to access at home

While local branches of the VPL are closed, families can still access their digital resources online. The Digital Kids collection can be accessed here. The collection includes eBooks, audio books, access to video databases like National Film Board and more!

In order to access these resources you do need a VPL card. If you don't have one you can sign up for a temporary card here which will provide immediate access to all digital resources.

Welcome to our Library!


The library is open to students and families before school on Monday-Friday from 8:40-9:00 am and after school Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri from 3:00-3:20 pm.

Open Book Exchange for all classes is Mon-Thurs from 12:47-1:00 pm.


  • Books can be taken out for 2 weeks, and renewed by visiting the library. Having books that are overdue means that you won’t be able to take out any more books!
  • Students can check out 4 books at a time.
  • Talk to Ms. McKnight about putting holds on books that you'd like to read!

To keep track of what books you have checked out:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on David Oppenheimer Elementary School
  3. Use your student number to Log In (same process as logging onto a computer at school)
  4. Click on  your name to view the menu and choose "Checkouts"

This will show you all the books you currently have checked out, and also tell you the due date. You can also use this menu to check if any of your Holds are available.

You can also use the library website to browse the school "Catalog" to find books you'd like to read and see which books have been recently added to our library!

Students can access digital databases paid for by VSB from home or any device -  BookFLIX, Starfall, National Geographic Kids, World Book, etc.

Once logged in, select "Destiny" from the drop down menu: 

This will bring you to the database homepage:

Most databases do not require another password, but if they do, use the following:

  • your VSB username and VSB password (same as webmail, Office365, logging on, etc.)
  • Oppenheimer student UserID is 39op, and the password is library
  • for the Province and Vancouver Sun databases use with the password library.
    • You can even translate these papers into the language of your choice!

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