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VIDEO: Unlearning and relearning: walking together towards Reconciliation

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To mark the new National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Day today, the District’s Indigenous Education department created a special video – with a message about the journey of Reconciliation.

In the video, Brandon Peters, the District’s curriculum consultant, speaks to the significance of taking time to remember and reflect on the many innocent Indigenous children that went to Indian Residential Schools. “I ask that you take up that ally role; I ask that you walk with us in this journey to Reconciliation,” shares Peters.

Davita Marsden, Indigenous Education vice-principal, says “We are honouring the children we are finding all across Canada. We are bringing in songs of love and medicine; and uplifting each other as we go through. I call upon all our allies to come in and help us on this journey”.

Indigenous Education principal Chas Desjarlais also highlights the importance of Reconcili-Action - to put thoughts into action and consider the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls-to-Action.

Please note: The video may cause strong emotions. Please practice self-care and reach out for support as together, we learn, remember and honour together on the path of reconciliation. 

The District continues to move forward with a spirit of compassion and learning as we face history and pursue of Reconciliation. The District stands in continued commitment to the ongoing Reconciliation work that is necessary for the truth to be known and shared through education.

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