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Our Staff

Lopez, Rick
Mar,  Greg
Tsui,  Germaine
School Liaison Officer
Cst. Chan, Kathy
School Liaison Officer
Tsui, S
Grade 9  &  Gr 8 (T - Z)
Moy, R
Grade 10 & Gr 8 (K - M) 
Tanabe, R
Grade 11 & Gr 8 (A - J) 
Dhaliwal, R
Grade 12 & Gr 8 (N - S)
Office Staff
Chan, L
Bie,  M
Student Records
Shu, N
Schrum, S
Teaching Staff
Ascher, C Social Studies
Bausback, K Social Studies
Blaney, J Home Economics
Borges, D Science
Boyes, C Physical Education
Chan, P Mathematics
Chao, L Home Economics
Choi, J Physical Education
Durno, G Business Education
Fulton, N Science
Gallant, G Physical Education
Grewal, A Science
Henderson, B Science
Henderson, G Science
Hsu, C Modern Languages
Huey, S ELL
Hui, P Business Education
Jack, J English
Jefferson, A Business Education
Jhutti, A Learning Support Program
Kwan, D ARC Program
Kwong, A Home Economics
Lai, A Mathematics
Lamb, D Fine Arts
Lee, J Technology Education
Leong, S Mathematics
Leung, K ELL
Lising, H Modern Languages
Loy, A Science
Lum, L English
Macculloch, D Science
Macleod, I English
Maddalozzo, R Mathematics
Martin, H Modern Languages
McGowan, J Fine Arts
McTaggart, M Fine Arts
Mesropian, E ELL
Miller, A Mathematics
Monk, W Physical Education
Noah, P Business Education
Oliver, A Social Development Program
Panagopoulos, G Social Studies
Plattner, A Science
Pratt, Lori English
Reddy, Y Teacher Librarian
Rieder, M Mathematics
Robbie, H English
Sangar, R English
Saplamaeff, M Gold Program
Shields, C Fine Arts
Skeldon, T Fine Arts
Stoelting, D Social Studies
Tabrizi, M Technology Education
Tarbuck, E English
Taylor, B Business Education
Tsonis, G English
Varlamova, O Social Studies
Vellescig, D Social Studies
Veverka, B Mathematics
Weingarten, L Business Education
Wolska, E Home Economics
Wong, H Technology Education
Wong, W Technology Education
Wong-Moon, L Physical Education
School Support Workers
Benak, R
Brule, S
D’adamo, L
Demosthenis, P
Hothi, R
Malkoske, K
Youth and Family worker
Ng, H
Randhawa, R
Multicultural Workers
Jose,  J
Filipino MCLW
Kim-Oh, S Korean MCLW
Rattan, B South Asian MCLW
Sandoval, C Spanish MCLW
TBDTBD Vietnamese MCLW
Wong, P
Chinese MCLW
Community School Team
Li, M
Community School Team Coordinator
Holder, P
Youth and Family Worker
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