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Requesting Transcripts and PEN

As the school is closed to the public during the summer, to request your transcript or diploma, please  log into your BCEID account - Provincial Education

If you don’t have a BCEID account, you will need your PEN to create an account to access the StudentTranscript Service. 

To request your PEN, please send an email to David Thompson School Records .   You must verify your identity by including the following information in your request: 

                1. Scan or photo of your current ID

                2. Name of Principal/Counsellor/Teacher while attending David Thompson

                3. Years you attended, for example 1989 – 1990

Please note that if you graduated in 1985 or before, you must order your transcript from VSB Student Records – Vancouver District Records

 To request a copy of your report card sent to you by email, please send a request to David Thompson School Records.   Your email must match the email in MyEd.   If the emails don’t match, please include a copy of your CURRENT ID.

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