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Student Council

Please see below for all of the candidate speeches for Grade 8 Reps:

Candidate Video Speeches for Grade 8 Reps:

Rayhan        Ryken Singh.MOV        Kaylee Chia.MOV        Erik   

Chantel        Zuzanna        Angelina      


Grade 8 Reps:

Voting will be done on Microsoft Forms. Messaging will be sent out to all students regarding voting dates and timelines.

Student Council 

Position First Name  Last Name
President Jessica  Huang
Vice President Selina Wu
Treasurer Brendan Wong
Secretary Tiffany  Ho
Events Coordinator Christine Hui
Public Relations Kevin Tan
VDSC Ivy  Chau
VDSC Vicky Qiu
Member at Large Sahiba Bhatti
Member at Large Johnson Le
Member at Large Lucie Li
Member at Large Jocasta Pham
Member at Large Ben Terrante
Tech Specialist Jeane David
Tech Specialist Patrick Huynh
Grade 12 Rep Cassandra Cacanindin
Grade 12 Rep Eurielle Calimoso
Grade 11 Rep Zoey Hou
Grade 10 Rep Sajjid Barcelona
Grade 10 Rep Jacky  Chen
Grade 10 Rep Vicky Gao
Grade 9 Rep Viduni Siriwardana
Grade 9 Rep Stella  Wu

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