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Student Council

2020-21 Student Council Candidates 

Click on the links below to read a bio/information on each candidate.

Student Council ExecutivesSC Candidates Exec PDF.pdf

Grade 12 RepSC Candidates Grade 12 REP PDF.pdf

Grade 10 RepSC Candidates Grade 10 REP PDF.pdf

Grade 9 RepSC Candidates Grade 9 REP PDF (1).pdf

Grade 8 Rep - Updated List of CandidatesSC Updated Grade 8 REP PDF.pdf

Technology SupportSC Candidates Technology Specialist PDF.pdf


Vice President: 



Public Relations Officer: 

Events Coordinator: 

Tech Specialists: 

VDSC Reps: 

Members At Large: 

Grade 12 Reps: 

Grade 11 Reps: 

Grade 10 Reps: 

Grade 9 Reps: 

Grade 8 Reps: 

ELL Rep: 

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