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David Thompson Graduating Class of 2021 In-School Scholarship Opportunities:

To qualify, grade 12 student must:

·         Have (completed or in process of completion in Q4) minimum seven (7) grade 12 courses taken at David Thompson during the regular school year

·         Not have any “I” Incomplete marks for any of their grade 12 courses (completed or in progress)

Application is available online HERE on May 3, 2021.

Application deadline is Friday, May 21, 2021. No late submissions will be accepted.

David Thompson District Scholarships

TBA dates are usually in April-May

  • TBA 2021: Application forms will be available in the office
  • TBA 2021: Deadline for District Scholarships to be submitted to the main office

 Scholarships are available in the following categories:

·         Indigenous Languages and Culture

·         Fine Arts

·         Applied Design, Skills, Technologies

·         Physical Activity

·         International Languages

·         Community Service (Volunteer Activity)

·         Technical and Trades Training

David Thompson Scholarships:

The following scholarships are generously provided by two of our David Thompson Alumni. The application process is active and in process. Please click on the links and read the instructions carefully.

McEwen Family Awards

Soolim Co 2021

Lydia Co Scholarships 2021

More Scholarship Information:

Grads please check: for further information from the VSB on College and University applications and Scholarship opportunities. 

 Additional information on scholarships can be found as follows:

David Thompson Parent Advisory Committee Trades/Performing Arts/Vocational Studies Scholarship

  • Please complete the application and submit to the main office
  • The application form will be posted in Spring of 2021
  • Deadline is April 30th @ 3:30 pm


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