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David Thompson Graduating Class of 2022 In-School Scholarship Opportunities:

To qualify, grade 12 students must: Open on March 11th

  • Have a minimum of seven (7) grade 12 courses taken at David Thompson during the regular school year
    • Semester 2, your mid-semester marks will be used to calculate your average
  • Not have any “I” Incomplete marks for any of their grade 12 courses (completed or in progress)

The application is now closed for the 2021-22 school year.

The application deadline is Tuesday, April 19, 2022. No late submissions will be accepted.

Please see the PDF document 'Questions for Application 2021 2022' for important information to help you with your application.

Questions for Application 2021 2022.pdf

David Thompson District Scholarships - $1,250

The District Scholarship process involves an application from the candidates and a selection committee of David Thompson teachers. 


  • Friday, April 22nd: Application and instructions emailed to students and posted on the DT website.
  • Friday, May 6thApplications are due by email to Maria Bie ( by 11:59 pm.
  • By Wednesday, June 29thSuccessful applicants will be notified with instructions on how to claim the award.

Click here to download the application.

Students can apply in more than one category. If you are applying in more than one category, you need to submit a separate application for each category.

There are seven areas of scholarships:

  • Indigenous Languages and Culture (demonstrated at school or in the community)
  • Fine Arts (Music, Drama, Dance, Visual Art)
  • Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies (Business Ed, Home Economics, Technology, Information Communication Technology, Media Arts, Tourism)
  • Physical Activity (Athletics, Fitness, Outdoor Education, not limited to Physical Education)
  • International Languages (from the International Languages Curriculum or External Assessments, including AP courses)
  • Community Service (volunteer activity), which includes awareness of local, global, and cultural issues
  • Technical and Trades Training (Woodwork, Auto, Robotics, Mechanics, Cook Training, Culinary Arts, Coding) 


  • Complete the attached fillable application form.
  • Save to your computer/device with the following naming format: Area applying for – Last name, First name (For example, Physical Activity – Lopez, Rick).
  • Email to by May 6th with the same name as the file in the subject line of the email. (For example, Physical Activity – Lopez, Rick).
  • Make sure to attach the completed application form.

David Thompson Scholarships:

The following scholarships are generously provided by David Thompson Alumni. The application process is active and in process. Please click on the links and read the instructions carefully.

McEwen Family Awards

Soolim Co 2022

Lydia Co Scholarships 2022

Afreen Ahmed Memorial Prize.pdf

Cheung Family Scholarship 2022.pdf

DreamS Bring Art Award, Criteria and Application.pdf

David Thompson Parent Advisory Committee Trades/Performing Arts/Vocational Studies Scholarship

This scholarship is given to a student who has spent his/her senior years at David Thompson Secondary School.  He/she has achieved outstanding achievements in a VSB approved program trades, performing arts and/or vocational studies (e.g. culinary arts, automotive, carpentry, photography, jewellery making, graphic design, animation, computer programing, music, film studies, etc) and plan to pursue further education in that area. 

  • Please complete the application and submit it to the main office or email it to
  • The application is due by Friday, May 13th  
  • The application form is below,

More Scholarship Information:

Grads please check for further information from the VSB on College and University applications and Scholarship opportunities. 

 Additional information on scholarships can be found as follows:

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