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Social Studies

American Revolution

American Revolution

American Revolution

French Revolution

French Revolution Sourcebook

Imperialism: Fordham Sourcebook

Jewish Virtual Library

Medieval Sourcebook

Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Holocaust Education Foundation

Remember: A Cybrary of the Holocaust


United Nations

World Bank

World Health Organization


Lenin Archive

Marx and Engels Archives

Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution

Revolution: Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Vietnam War Internet Resources

History in Focus: The Victorians


The Victorian Web

Canada: 1840 to 1867

The Great War

Propaganda Postcards

World War I

World War I Document Archive

WWI Document Archive Main Index

World War II

Celebrating Canadian Women's Women's History Links

Internet Women's History Sourcebook

Women in History

Amnesty International

United Nations

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Duhaime's Canadian Law Dictionary

Criminal Code of Canada

Justice Institute of BC

People's Law School

Supreme Court of Canada

Canadian Criminal Code Victorian Fashion Links

Victorian Era Fashions

Railways in the 19th Century

Spartacus Encyclopedia of British History

Victorian Bazaar

Queen Victoria's Empire

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