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GOLD is a district program designed to meet the needs of intellectually gifted students who are twice exceptional in that they are gifted and meet the criteria for Learning Disabilities and/or Anxiety Disorder and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (High Functioning) and/or health issues which impede academic success. The program also serves students who are intellectually gifted, yet underachieving. The goal of the program is to improve the students’ self-concept by helping them understand their own strengths and difficulties, while they learn effective strategies and skills to be successful at school. 

Grade Eight GOLD students receive two blocks of support in their eight-block timetable. During the other six blocks, they are fully integrated. One block is English 8, and the other is for GOLD program objectives and subject support. Older GOLD students may be scheduled for one block of support while they remain in the program. The GOLD block provides an opportunity for the students to identify their individual strengths and difficulties and to learn strategies and skills which will enable them to be successful at school. If a student finds that they need additional support, it is sometimes possible to schedule a second GOLD block. At the end of Grade 9, the student's need for the program is re-assessed. GOLD program support is available through to Grade 12 if deemed appropriate.

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