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The David Thompson GOLD Program is a Grade 8 to 12 district program designed to meet the needs of twice exceptional students.

*Application deadline for Fall, 2021: February 12, 2021

The goal of the GOLD program at David Thompson is to improve students’ self-concept by helping them understand their own strengths and difficulties, while they learn effective strategies and skills to be successful at school. GOLD students must be committed to learning and want to be in the GOLD program. Grade Eight GOLD students receive two blocks of support in their eight-block timetable (for the other six blocks, they are fully integrated). One block is English 8, and the other is for GOLD program objectives and subject support. Some students take GOLD English in grade 9 as well if needed. Older GOLD students (in grades 9-12) may be scheduled for one block of support while they remain in the program. The GOLD block provides an opportunity for the students to identify their individual strengths and difficulties and to learn strategies and skills which will enable them to be successful at school. At the end of each school year, the student's need for the program is re-assessed. GOLD program support is available through to Grade 12 if deemed appropriate.


The GOLD program has the following objectives:

  1. Focus on subject work, skill development and appropriate adaptations.
  2. Encourage students to learn and practice effective social communication skills.
  3. Develop self-advocacy skills.
  4. Develop critical thinking skills.
  5. Provide an enriched learning environment.


The GOLD teacher (Matthew Saplamaeff) will develop an Individual Educational Plan with each student.


The most successful students in GOLD demonstrate some of the following characteristics:

  • Average to above-average reading comprehension skills.
  • Ability to focus their attention on academic tasks.
  • Interest in at least one academic subject, in which they have demonstrated talent and/or giftedness.
  • An interest in achieving at least average marks and a willingness to work toward achieving these marks.
  • Ability to acknowledge and take responsibility for learning and/or other stretches.


Criteria for Admission

1. Meets the criteria for a Ministry of Education special needs designation: Gifted (P)*
2. Has one or more additional diagnoses (such as D, G, or H) that is impacting the student’s school success.


Referral Process for Grade 7 Students

  1. School-Based Team (SBT) identifies student as having needs that might be met through GOLD Program placement, and recommends proceeding with a referral to GOLD program.
  2. SBT forwards required documentation via Blue Bag, by Feb. 12, 2021, to:
    Carol Andison, Case Manager—Learning Services
    RE: GOLD Program Screening 
    Garibaldi Elementary, 1025 Slocan St

3. Offers of placement sent to school administration in Spring (March/April, 2021).

*School Based Teams who have any questions regarding High Incidence students and/or Programs should contact the District High Incidence Case Manager directly: Carol Andison (Interim), This includes School Based Teams that may have current grade 8 students on their caseload who may be suitable for consideration for a GOLD Program placement for their Grade 9 year.


Required Documentation:

  • Triplicate “Request for Designation and/or Special Education Program Placement” form (not required for applicants from non-VSB schools).
  • Psycho-educational assessment
  • Current IEP
  • Copy of recent report cards
  • Other relevant assessment reports available in student file


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