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2020 CBC Canadian Music Challenge

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Jamieson is excited to have once again participated in CBC Music's Canadian Music Class Challenge.
The challenge requires music instructors in Canada to teach their students a song, produce a video of the performance, and send it in for publication and judging. An estimated 50,000 students from close to 1,200 music classes in every province and territory have signed up to learn and perform their best version of a Canadian song on every instrument imaginable.
With this challenge being an annual occurrence during the holiday season, it is truly a gift to witness the benefits of music education in the classroom, hear famous Canadian songs played by talented students, and shine a light on the amazing work that teachers and educators are doing across the country.
This year looked a little bit different - we had to get creative with our video submissions to ensure compliance with recommended provincial safety measures of physical distancing, but the end results are something all of us at Jamieson are very proud of.
You can view the videos on YouTube –
Divisions 1,2,3 and 4’s performance of ‘Like a Flower to the Sun’
Divisions 5,6,7 and 8’s performance of ‘Dirt’
Last year, Jamieson Elementary was honored to have won first place in two categories: Category 3: Elementary Instrumental (grades 4-6) and Category 5: Junior Instrumental (grades 7-10). In the grades 4-6 category, students performed a song called "I's the B'y." In the grades 7-10 category, students performed the song "Snowbird." Both performances were under the direction and guidance of our music teacher, James Colpitts. The first-place prize in both categories was a commemorative plaque and a $3,000 cash prizes to put towards new musical instruments for Jamieson. 

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