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Jamieson Health & Safety Reminders

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There are a number of changes to our past practice to help keep everybody healthy. There are many Health and Safety measures in place within the school, such as enhanced cleaning protocols, limited contact between learning cohorts, mask wearing and increased hand washing. Staggered recess and lunch with designated play areas and more are in place but the ones affecting parents are:

  • No dropping off items at the office – your child must have everything they need at the beginning of the day. Please do not drop items off, including lunches, for your child at the office.

  • All students will be outside during their break times—there will be NO inside rainy day option as we cannot have large groups of students outside of their learning cohorts, congregate together in closed spaces. Please dress your child(ren) appropriately for the weather. For example: please consider sending your child(ren) with an extra pair of socks on particularly rainy days

  • In order to restrict the number of adults in the buildings, we respectfully ask all parents/guardians to remain outside of the building unless an essential meeting is pre-arranged with the Principal or the Vice Principal

  • At morning drop-off and afterschool pick-up, we respectfully request families to leave the school site as quickly as possible in order to minimize large groups of people. For example, leave the school site first and come back later to play on the playground versus staying behind to play and socialize

  • Parents who are on the school grounds, please remember to maintain 2m physical distance from one another

  • Late arrival – if your child arrives late to school, please send them to sign in at the office in the blue binder. If you have a young child, you are welcome to call the school to alert the office.

  • Early pick-up–if you wish to pick up your child early, please let the classroom teacher know. Your child’s teacher will have your child pack up just before the pick-up time and send them to the office to wait for you to be picked up.

  • A reminder that parents are expected to assess their child’s health each morning before sending him/her to school. We understand that sometimes students start to feel unwell during the day. Do not be alarmed if the office calls and asks for your child to be picked up from school. You can view the most recent Daily Health Checklist HERE

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