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Policy on School Closure due to weather

In the event of heavy snowfall, parents may wonder if schools are open. By 6:00 am, the VSB will post information about snow closures on its website at and will inform local media stations, including:

  • CKNW (980 AM)
  • CBC (690 AM, 105.7 FM)
  • CJVB (1470 AM)
  • CFHG (96.1 FM)
  • CKNW (1130 AM)
  • BCTV/Global (Cable Ch 11)
  • CITY TV (Cable Ch 13)
Please note, parents should NOT CALL media outlets to ask whether schools are closed. Please check the VSB website or listen to the radio or watch the TV stations listed above to learn about school closures.

If the Vancouver School District or McKechnie Elementary is not specifically mentioned on the media broadcast, assume the school is open and send your child to school. Please DO NOT call the school to double check if the school is open. School staff will be busy preparing for the arrival of students.

Please note that only school closures will be posted on the website and announced on media outlets, not when schools remain open. If you do not hear that VSB schools or McKechnie is closed, assume school is in session.

If you feel it is unsafe for you or your child to travel to school, please call the SAFE ARRIVAL line 604-713-5159 Extension 54 and leave a message of your child's absence.
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