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Looking Forward to being a first-time principal

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As the start of a new school year, many students and staff will experience milestones. From a kindergarten student’s first day at school, to a Grade 12 student’s first day of their last year, this series of “firsts” will look into those particular experiences. Follow along Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of September 2021 as we share stories from Vancouver School District students and staff.

First-time principal Michael Singh is excited to start the new school year at McKechnie Elementary.

Born and raised in Vancouver, principal Singh has been a student, a teacher, a coach and an administrator in the District. Typically, you will find him walking along the school corridors in one of the many pairs of retro sneakers he owns as he connects with students. Entering his 20th year in District, principal Singh is excited to walk in the hallways of McKechnie Elementary this year.

“I wanted to become a principal because as a student, school was always my happy place. I loved learning, socializing with friends and being active,” principal Singh says. “As a principal, I want to provide that same positive atmosphere for all students, staff and families at my school.”

Prior to McKechnie, principal Singh was the vice principal at Trafalgar Elementary and Shaughnessy Elementary, as well as the summer school principal. It was in these leadership roles principal Singh realized he loved being an administrator.

Choosing a career in the education sector was easy for principal Singh. “Working with kids is my favourite thing about working in education because all students have such interesting and inquisitive ways of looking at the world,” he says. “Their curiosity and sometimes blunt truthfulness definitely keep me humble and never fails to put a smile on my face.”

Principal Singh knows stepping into a new role at a new school is not an easy task. “I think there will be challenges because not only are you trying to build relationships with all the people in the school community,” he says “but you’re also learning about all of the roles and responsibilities that come with running a school.”

With that said, principal Sign is confident he can make his own mark at the school and build a positive, engaging and thriving learning environment. “I’m looking forward to getting to know all the great people who make up my new school community and especially the incredible students,” says principal Singh.

To read more of these stories, follow the District’s Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter accounts. This series of “firsts” will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of September.

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