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McKechnie's Code of Conduct

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All students, staff and parents are members of the McKechnie school community and follow the school's Code of Conduct. We are very proud of the school's Code of Conduct - P.A.W.S. - Personal Best, Act Responsibly, Work and Play Safely, Show Respect. This easy to remember acronym was the result of the revision of the Code of Conduct in 2018 by a committee of students, parents and staff.

All schools in Vancouver have added the statement, "Racism will not be tolerated in our school." To highlight this addition, all students discussed what it means to be anti-racist and how their class is committed to anti-racism. During our virtual assembly, each class' representatives read their anti-racism statement. All representatives also signed the Code of Conduct on behalf of their class.

Anti-racism statements included:

Division 1 will not discriminate against others. Different ethnicities, races, beliefs and cultures are accepted and embraced by all. Negative words and actions directed at others will not be tolerated, and gossip, ridicule or teasing have no place in our class community. Everyone is respected.

Division 4 will be inclusive and understanding of differences as we stand up for each other and not be bystanders.

We will be friendly, kind and respectful to others. - Division 8

We will not tolerate racist or bigoted statements, behaviour, ridicule. THis includes disrespect towards LGBTQ+ peoples. We will build a respectful and equal environment for all people, no matter their ethnicity and beliefs. - Division 2

Division 7 will stand up for what is right. We will not tolerate racism. Black lives matter.

I am very proud of McKechnie students' commitment to the Code of Conduct. All our students demonstrate elements of the Code of Conduct in their behaviour at school and online. It is used as a guide when students need reminders about how they are presenting themselves to others.

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