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School at Home - Continuity of Learning

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for your support as we find ourselves on Day 9 of School at Home. Thank you for your perseverance through the tech difficulties and navigating two different platforms. The staff and myself really appreciate the support from you as we made learning online a reality for McKechnie students. We recognize that many of you are juggling working from home, perhaps more than one child on "school at home" as well as balancing all the responsibilities and tasks that come along with the restrictions due to COVID 19.

Thank you for the feedback on how it is going so far. We appreciate the kind words and we gather the feedback provided to continue to improve our students' online experience. The teachers at McKechnie are expected to provide the VSB recommended 5 hours of work or instruction weekly for the Primary grades and 5 – 7 hours of work or instruction weekly for Intermediate grades. Please be aware that they have been asked to focus mainly on Literacy and Numeracy. Continuity of Learning continues to be a work in progress and we are committed to ensuring that all students stay engaged. Teachers, support staff and myself are following up regularly with students and families. Contact your classroom teacher, resource teacher, support staff or myself if you have any questions or concerns.

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