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Welcome to Edith Cavell Library Learning Commons

September 2020

Welcome Back!

We are back at our Edith Cavell site and while it all feels very familiar, there are some big changes with our library!

I am back teaching in the library but unfortunately our  book collection is not! All of our books are at the Maple Grove swing site and we have directed to keep our library closed to borrowing for the month of September. 

Hopefully we will soon be reunited with our beloved books and we will be able to get books into the hands of students!

The Vancouver Public Library has limited borrowing of books and full access of their digital library. If you have a VPL card - go and check them out! *****

If you do not have a VPL library card - you can get a temporary one online and use it to access the digital library until they reopen again. It is fast and easy.

Also from VPL - Tumble Books - talking picture books, graphic novels, activities, video and much more!

Destiny Online Library System:
Students may access our Vancouver School Board Online Library System by going to Destiny.

Destiny enables student to find books in our school library.  When they log in using their student numbers they can look up their own personal account for details about what books have been signed out and when they are due. Students and parents/guardians can also access Destiny from their home computers.

The Library Learning Commons Programme
The aim of the LLC programme at Cavell is to help students to become life long readers, life long learners and critical thinkers. Through project based learning, students develop a variety of skills which they will apply to all areas of our newly designed curriculum. Of course, another important goal is to foster the love of reading in all of our students by offering choice and providing a variety of reading materials.

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