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Library / Learning Commons

Elsie Roy Library Resource Centre

The Elsie Roy Library Program aims to assist all students to develop literacy skills and a love of reading. The teacher librarian is here to help students find the information they need to complete any projects and assignments, as well as help them research their areas of interest.

Book Exchange Times

Monday through Friday, between 9-9:30 AM, the library is open to Grade 5-7 students for book exchange.

Grade 2: Ms. Clancy - Div. 12
Grade 2/3: Ms. Ayers - Div. 11
Grade 3: Ms. Susan - Div. 9 & Ms. Matsuda - Div. 10
Grade 4: Ms. Sawyer - Div. 8

Grade 1: Ms. Darred - Div. 14 & Ms. Shaman - Div. 15
Grade 2: Ms. Bernabe - Div. 13
Grade 4: Mr.Costello - Div. 7

Ks: Ms. Pedro - Div. 16, Ms. Sulyma - Div. 17 & Ms. Fanning - Div. 18

Reading to Children: Why It’s So Important and How to Start

Audiobooks - Worth listening to! VSB and VPL have free books to borrow:

Please see Ms. Wyss's Teacher Librarian Blog for information at this link:

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