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It's that time of year again when all the books come back to roost in the library.

Parents, please have students return all library books as soon as possible.

Overdue notices will be sent home. If a book is lost, please send Ms. Wyss a note for the replacement cost. If the missing book is found, we will return the funds to you.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Term 2 Book Exchange schedule:

Grade 1:  Div. 14  Ms. Darred & Div. 15  Ms. Tiffiny
Grade 2/3:  Div. 11  Ms. Terezakis
Grade 3:  Div. 9  Ms. Susan & Div. 10  Ms. Matsuda
Grade 4:  Div. 7  Ms. Rustad & Div. 8  Ms. Sawyer

Ks:  Ms. Fanning
Grade 2:  Div. 12  Ms. Clancy
Grade 7:  Div. 2  Ms. Sullivan

Ks:  Ms. Erin 
Grade 2:  Div. 13  Ms. Bernabe
Grade 7:  Div. 1  Ms. Martin

Grade 1:  Div. 16  Ms. Chang
Grade 5: Div. 5   Mr. Costello & Div. 6  Ms. McCleary
Grade 6:  Div. 3  Ms. Bennett & Div. 4  Ms. Wilkinson

Audiobooks - Worth listening to! VSB and VPL have free books to borrow:

Please see Ms. Wyss's Teacher Librarian Blog for information at this link:

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