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Weekly Update 2019-2020

April 29, 2020 Update

1) Yearbook Photos
A few weeks ago we asked for your "Emily Carr at Home" photos and wanted to say a big thank you to those who have sent in shots of how daily life has been affected by the COVID-19 situation.

Additionally, if you have any photos specifically from smaller events over the year, then we would appreciate those as well.  We are looking for smaller events only like class field trips or classroom projects/visits, not the school-wide events (e.g. Terry Fox Run, Halloween, Winter Concert).  

The deadline for submitting photos for yearbook consideration is this Sunday, May 3rd.  Please send you photos to Lydia Hentschel at (with the highest quality setting).

2) Operation Rocket Notes to VGH
Wow! We have sent over 1100 notes, cards & drawings to Johnny Rockets to be attached to the lunches for the staff of VGH!! Emily Carr has some pretty amazing and thoughtful artists, check the school website for some of the beautiful artwork we've received. We have also been following the Johnny Rockets Instagram account and have reposted some of the photos and notes of thanks they've received for the lunches. Truly heartwarming!! Deadline for submitting notes and cards to VGH is Friday, May 8th.

**Check it out** <<--- CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS

3) 2019/2020 Yearbooks will be available for pre-order shortly!
We are very happy to announce that we will be accepting pre-orders for the Emily Carr Yearbook soon! Despite some difficulties, we are moving forward and the copies will be delivered to the school in mid-June. Pick-up/delivery of yearbooks to be arranged closer to June.

The cost is $25 per book. You can order as many yearbooks as you like, however no extras will be ordered. So please submit your order through School Cash Online when it is available to ensure you receive one. Please look out for a separate email when yearbook ordering goes live!

We understand this time may be challenging for some and a yearbook may not be in the budget, if so, please contact the school to speak with Principal Erin Gibbs directly, or email us at

4) Family Photo Project
As per the email that went out on Monday, if you are interested in participating in our Family Photo Project, please complete the online form here:

Donations can be made via School Cash Online at anytime. 
Learn how to make the donation here: Online Donation Tutorial

Take care everyone!

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