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Student Transcripts Service (STS)

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The STS is an online application from the Ministry of Education for current and former students to view their marks, transcripts, scholarships and send transcripts to post-secondary institutions and employers.

The Student Dashboard on the STS allows students to:

  • View assessment and provincial exam marks.
  • View and order transcripts.
  • Order digital or printed copies of official transcripts.
  • Select up to 25 Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) selections for transcript delivery at no charge for current students (students must be enrolled in or completed a course within the last 6 months).
  • Request transfer of transcripts to PSI's and employers.
  • Authorize ongoing PSI access to receive transcript updates throughout the year (current batch files to PSIs are processed in May and July).
  • Receive real-time order status of transcript delivery.
  • Benefit from possible early admission and program acceptance decisions to PSIs.
  • Access graduation assessment student reports.

STS can be accessed at From there students can register for a Basic BCeID required to use the StudentTranscripts Service.

Students are responsible for ensuring transcript accuracy prior to transmission to post-secondary institutions (PSIs). If students find mistakes or incomplete information on their transcript, they should not order and send transcripts to any PSIs until they have contacted their school to make any corrections.

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