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Library / Learning Commons




Although the Library Learning Commons is not available for drop-in or browsing, students are able to borrow library books by following the steps below:

1.        Go to Destiny to access our online library catalogue:

2.        Click on Eric Hamber Secondary School - Destiny Discover will launch 

3.        Search by title, author, or keyword

4.        Make sure the book is in our collection AND that it is checked in

5.        Go to the Eric Hamber website:

6.        Click on Teaching & Learning, then click on Library/Learning Commons

7.        Complete a LIBRARY BOOK REQUEST FORM. This can be submitted via email to a Teacher-Librarian (  OR ). Alternatively, print and fill-out the BOOK REQUEST FORM, then submit to one of the Teacher-Librarian’s mailboxes.

8.        Your book(s) will be collected, checked-out, and delivered to your F2F class. Please be patient as there may be a delay between when we receive your request and when we can get your book(s) to you. We will email you if there is a problem filling your request.



Click on the link below to download a Library Book Request Form. This can be completed electronically and emailed to a Teacher-Librarian (  or ), OR printed and submitted to one the Teacher-Librarian mailboxes in the school office.

library book request form

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 


Visit the VSB's  self-serve Student Password Reset Portal to reset your network password. You will need your PEN number (found in your MyED account, under Student Details) and your Date of Birth.

If you do not know your PEN number, you may find it on a past report card. Alternatively, you can also ask one of our amazing office staff or your counsellor.

A new password must meet the Password Complexity Requirement. The password field will be checked before allowing the student to click Submit. The Password must be in this format:

Grades 8-12:

·       Passwords must be a minimum of three words

·       Each word must have at least 3-letters

·       Each word can include one number

·       A character must separate the words and can be one of these: space . , ! $ ) ( ] [ + =

Logins & Passwords

1) Your Network Password 

This is used when logging on to a school computer & VSB Library (to access the library databases, the library collection and your library account). It is also used when accessing the school’s Secured WIFI.


                        Username: your student number (ex. 123456)

                        Password: set by you*


* Grade 8s: your password is the same one you had in elementary.

* Grades 9-12: your password is the same one you had last year.


Your password does not expire, but it is recommended that you change it periodically.


Once you have logged in (when the desktop icons appear):

  • Hold down the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys (at the same time) & a login box will appear.
  • Select "CHANGE PASSWORD" box.
  • Then follow the instructions on the screen. 
  • Verify the password by typing it again.  CAREFUL not to make any mistakes. 

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