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Established in 1962 Eric Hamber Secondary boasts one of the most successful and well-rounded athletics programs in the City.

Offering over 35 athletics boys and girls teams per school year at all grade levels. Eric Hamber provides the greatest variety of school sport opportunity for students in Vancouver. Last year over 500 student-athletes were involved in our programs as players, managers, and coaches.

Student athletes over the past 5 years have excelled and been victorious at City, Regional, and Lower Mainland championships in Basketball, Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Track and Field, Ultimate, Badminton, Table Tennis, Golf, Cross Country, Aquatics and Wrestling. These successes have resulted in Eric Hamber becoming a regular fixture at Provincial Championships.

Our student-athletes not only excel on sports fields, courts, tracks, and rinks they are also very successful in the classroom with many having gone on to participate in Collegiate, CIS, and NCAA sport.

The majority of our teams are lead by Eric Hamber teachers who volunteer to coach, sponsor, and organize our teams. We are also fortunate to have many excellent volunteer coaches from the Hamber community - parents, alumni, current students and VSB staff that come back and help build meaningful and safe connections with our students.

All are welcome in the Griffin's Nation!

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