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Communicating Student Learning

The Vancouver School District is changing how information is shared about how elementary students are progressing in their learning. This change aligns with BC’s redesigned curriculum and is called Communicating Student Learning or CSL.

Communicating Student Learning provides regular and ongoing information that allows both learners and parents to gauge where children are in their learning, what they are working toward, and the ways in which that learning can be supported. Its purpose is to describe a student’s learning in a way that supports their learning and advances it, rather than simply measuring and reporting it. The new reporting method follows a successful two-year pilot project involving 70 elementary schools and after gathering extensive feedback from parents throughout the pilot.

In alignment with Communicating Student Learning, student report cards will transition to a new format that includes strengths-based language and a proficiency scale to show achievement in the subject areas. This reporting structure is intended to give parents and students a full picture of how students are doing at school, how their learning is developing and areas of focus for continued progress. 

Please see Communicating Student Learning for more information.

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