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Dream Dare Do


At Brock we respect the rights and safety of:

  1. Self
  2. Others, and
  3. Environnment

Brave Respectful Optimistic Cooperative Kind 

By following our Code of Conduct, we create and maintain a safe, kind and inclusive school in which all are able to be successful learners. At all times Brock students and staff are expected to use words to solve problems, treat others the way we like to be treated, speak and act kindly, allow everyone the chance to learn and respect personal space. All behavioural expectations take into account the developmental growth and maturity of each student. Brock Elementary promotes the values expressed in the BC Human Rights Code respecting the rights of all individuals in accordance with the law - prohibiting discrimination based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation.

This Code of Conduct applies to behaviour at school, during school-organized or sponsored events and behaviour beyond these times (including on-line behaviour) that negatively impacts the safe, caring or orderly environment of the school and/or student learning.

The behaviours cited below are examples only and not an all-inclusive list.

In The Classroom:

  • help each other
  • respect your own and others' learning
  • take care of books and learning materials
  • follow instruction

On The Playground:

  • include others
  • share equipment
  • use garbage cans
  • ask a Brock Buddy or adult for help with a problem

In The Lunchroom:

  • talk quietly
  • stay seated until finished
  • clean up after yourself
  • re-cycle

In The Hall:

  • walk
  • stay right
  • quiet voices
  • hands and feet to yourself
  • share space
  • respect privacy of others

In Washrooms:

  • respect privacy
  • wash hands with soap
  • flush
  • keep washroom tidy
  • wait for turn

In The Community:

  • be polite
  • don't litter
  • represent Brock proudly
  • speak respectfully 
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