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Brock Library Learning Commons

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Library Program Goal

Brock’s Library Learning Commons fosters confident lifelong learners who are enthusiastic readers, skillful inquirers and critical thinkers. Brock Library is a collaborative, inclusive, and innovative learning space that cultivates responsible and ethical users of ideas and information.


Tuesdays - Fridays during school hours to students only.

Book Exchange Schedule

Div. 8
Div. 9
Div. 10
Div. 11
Div. 12
Div. 4
Div. 5
Div. 6
Div. 7
Div. 1
Div. 2
Div. 3

Borrowing Policies

Maximum Book Checkouts
  • Kindergarten - 1 book
  • Primary - 3 books
  • Intermediate - 5 books

These limits have been put in place in response to feedback that allowing younger students more books is often more than they can physically manage to carry home in their bags, and that having a gradual increase in number of books helps students build personal responsibility for caring for and returning library books.

Loan period
  • 3 weeks

Students may renew the book unless someone is waiting for it. Students are asked to return the books earlier if they are done with them so more students can enjoy them.

  • No overdue/late fines
  • If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, the cost of replacing the book will be charged.
  • As with all school fees, if paying for lost or damaged books is a financial difficulty, please let us know.

Collaborative Teaching

At Brock, Ms. Doran, the teacher-librarian, collaborates with classroom teachers and resource teachers to enrich student learning. 

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