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Communicating Student Learning

Dear Parents,


Please find attached a form that you can complete if you have some information to share with us when we start to do the class organization for next year.  Please respect that this is not about choosing a specific teacher; it is about sharing some pertinent information that we may not be aware of.  A couple of examples would be a particular outside interest in drama or art or sports or a difficult friendship.


Please be aware the deadline to submit is May 31st ; any forms received after that date, will not be considered since we will already be starting the class placements.


If you have already emailed me please still take the time to fill out this form and re-submit it.  My experience has led me to create this form so that the information doesn’t get overlooked as it may if it received in several different formats.


Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.


Marion Broadbent


General Gordon Elementary

604 713 5403

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