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For more information about Kindergarten Registration please visit

Grade 6 Late French Immersion - please visit to download the application form.

What do I need to register?

  • Your latest current report card.

    Term 1 Grade 5.  If not available then Term 3 Gr 4.

     Please provide your Gr. 5 report card as soon as available.

  • Please indicate if your child has any designations.
  • A written/typed page by the STUDENT indicating the reason the child wants to take the Late French Immersion program.  The length is not important but the content should reflect the passion and commitment to taking this program.
  • District Registration Form    

Please note:  Although grades are not the primary factor for admittance to this program, this is an Intensive French program.  Students who succeed in this program are high achievers who have been receiving excellent grades and are fluent English Speakers. 

When making the decision about whether this program is the best fit for your child, your child’s current classroom teacher is the best source of information.    

Time Lines  



Nov 1 – Jan 31

District Registration open for Late French Immersion Applications

Jan. 9, 2020

French Immersion Info Night from 7-8pm @ General Gordon and Laura Secord

(General Gordon accepts registrations from those residing West of Main St., Laura Secord accepts registrations from those residing East of Main St.)

By Feb 7

Draw if more than capacity


After the draw, families will be notified by email of their status

24 hours after the offer is sent

Families have until 3 PM to confirm their acceptance


Unclaimed spaces are offered to those on the waitlist as spaces become available

September  16th

Last day that LFI students can start classes.  No late registrants allowed after this date.


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