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Monthly Newsletters - Safe Arrival - Student Pick Up Procedures

Instructions for Parents when picking up children during school hours.

 1. Email your child’s teacher at least one day prior to the scheduled pick up, let them know what day and time you will be picking them up.

2. Call the school office at least 1 hour prior to pick up at 604-713-4912 ext. 2 to advise.

3. When you arrive at the school wait outside the front door and call the office to advise that you are here to pick up your child.  Do not call unless you are outside the building and not waiting in your car. The office will have your child come outside to meet you.

Reporting Student Absences:
Safe Arrival – Please contact Safe Arrival ONLY if your child will be late or absent.
You can either call 604-713-4912 ext. 1 or email –
Provide your child’s first and last name as well as division number. If your child will be away for an extended period of time, please also indicate the days of absence and  reason.
(ex: Jane Doe, Div. 1 absent on January 5 due to illness or absent from March 1 to 6, Vacation or John Doe, Div. 3 Nov. 10 will be late, arriving at 9:30). If your child is absent or
late and also rides the bus, only one notification is needed. Contact the Safe Arrival by either phone or email and provide the information above and include the bus
number. You do not need to report it more than once. Please do not report it multiple times.
Please Do NOT call Safe Arrival to report your child not riding the bus.
If your child is not riding the bus – Please call 604-713-4912 ext. 2.
State your child’s first and last name, the bus number and if they will not be riding the bus on either the morning or afternoon bus or both. 

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