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Insta-Grad student takeover at Gladstone Secondary

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To capture some of the excitement of the graduating class of 2021, Gladstone Secondary graduate, Neve Eliam, overtook the District’s Instagram account to share live moments at his school’s graduation ceremony. Eliam captured photos and videos of the graduates and shared special memories throughout their high school journey. Eliam has a message to the District’s graduating class of 2021:

My name is Neve Eliam and I am from the lovely Gladstone Secondary School. I will be helping today with the Instagram student takeover!

My five years at Gladstone have been a fruitful experience that I will never forget. The teachers are so supportive, and the student body is amazing! I’ve made so many friends and have gotten so much further all thanks to my time at Gladstone.

Who would believe 12 years of school would come to a closure so quickly? I want to wish a huge congratulations to all the amazing Grade 12 grads who did their best to stay resilient in a particularly odd year. I know I am extremely proud and amazed by everybody who withstood today’s circumstances and helped keep this year a positive one.

I am so excited and happy for what will come next. I’m sending the happiest wishes to all the grads in the 2020-2021 school year! I want to thank all the amazing teachers that worked so hard this year to keep us educated and safe. And of course, a BIG congratulations to all the students in #VSB39. You were able to do the impossible and you did your best to end this year with a smile! Grads of 2021, YOU ARE AMAZING!

As we say at Gladstone, unleash the GLADiators!

After Eliam’s journey at Gladstone, he plans to pursue a degree in science and research at the University of British Columbia; eventually hoping to join a research team to study unexplained medical conditions to give back to the community.

As the graduates of 2021 embark on the next chapter of their lives, the Vancouver School District congratulates one and every one of them!  

Check out Eliam’s Instagram story highlights: Insta-Grad student takeover

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