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Myed / Viewing my schedule / changes and/or additions to my schedule


The MyEd Student/Family portal will be open to view your class schedules on Tuesday, August 31st at 10:30am. The attached document on the left has instructions outlining how to use MyEd – page 3 shows where to locate and view your current schedule. Please note that it may only show your semester 1 courses. To see all your courses for the full year, go to the drop down menu at the top of the schedule page called “Time” and select FY (Full Year). To log onto MyEd, your student number is your username. If you are new to using MyEd, your password will be Dist$2021 and the system will prompt you to reset this right away to your own personal password. To log on, go here:


The counselling team will be available this week (August 30 – September 3) to communicate with you regarding your timetable. Please send your counsellor an email asking them to contact you and telling them what changes you would like to make.  Please do not show up without an appointment. 


The counsellors will work with students using the following set of priorities:

  • Students without a timetable.
  • Students missing a course in their timetable.
  • Changes to timetable as a result of summer school.
  • Course changes will likely be handled during the week(s) September 8-17. 
    • Email the counselor with your request starting Tuesday August 31st
    • Counsellors will keep a list of students making requests by date received and will contact you in regards to your request when they are available.


  • Attend the class you are scheduled in until you have met with the counsellor (they may not be able to make the course switch you are requesting.
  • Course changes must be requested by September 17.

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