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Success Towards Employment Program (STEP)

Program component 

Overall, the program is geared towards granting credit for grade 10, 11 and 12 courses (see attached list of credits available). In addition, grade 10, 11 and 12 students have mandatory work experience as part of their career preparation. Students will participate in a supervised work experience, which will focus on civic responsibility within the community. This gives the students an introduction to a variety of work-related opportunities and responsibilities.

Appropriate behavior at work experience is essential. Along with academic courses, STEP students are required to participate in a variety of field trips. These trips build social and dynamic group skills as part of the goal of building students’ reliability, personal responsibility and commitment while in STEP.



The grade 10 academic courses include Social Studies, Literary Studies / Creative Writing 10, Workplace Math 10, and Science 10.  Social Studies 10 is completed in one year.  Literary Studies / Creative Writing, Workplace Math and Science  are completed over students’ grade 10 and 11 years.  Students also take PE 10, an Applied Skills 10,  Career, Life and Education 10 and one elective of their choice.

In their grade 11 year, students complete the second half of Literary Studies / Creative Writing 10, Workplace Math 10 and Science 10.  In addition, they take Explorations in Social Studies 11 which is completed over students’ grade 11 and 12 years.  Other courses include an Applied Skills 11, Marketing 11 and two electives of their choice.

In their grade 12 year, students complete Composition 11, English Studies 12, Workplace Math 11, Science for Citizens 11 and the second half of  Explorations in Social Studies 11. Other courses include an Applied Skills 12 and two elective of their choice.


Work Experience

Work experience placements are a mandatory component of STEP. Work experience placements are arranged in collaboration with and consideration of students’ interests.  It is expected that students have the capacity to work with minimum supervision and sufficient social skills to be a valuable employee.

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