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The First Teacher 

Children are born with the innate desire to learn, they all want to learn
The parent is the child's first teacher
Talk and Read to them
Let them know you Love them daily
Children learn through lots of imaginative play
Recognize and Celebrate your child's successes
All aspects of a child's development are related 
(Social, Physical, Emotional and Cognitive)
Use lots of language as you Play and discover together

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Welcome to Grandview/¿uuqinak'uuh School.  We hope this information will give you a better understanding of your child's first year with us.  Our interest and energy is focused on the growth and development of your child.  Through the Kindergarten year, we anticipate that your child will learn to socialize and work with others and feel that the students and their families are part of our school community.

Kindergarten students are exposed to many exciting new ideas and activities.  They will build readiness for the first grade and positive attitudes towards school.  In addition, we hope to give each child a variety of experiences to encourage them to become an active learner.

We are entering into the second year of implementing the Grandview/¿uuqinak'uuh Earth School.  Students will engage in experiential learning to build their connection with the earth.  The school-wide, year-long Earth theme for 2011-12 will focus on the "Forest".  This allows students to understand the complexity of the Earth and their place within the environment.  Students will also engage in stewardship of the land through regular work in the school garden, recycling and composting.

Please allow us to open up communication between home and school.  This link is important for the school, parents/caregivers and child.  We want each child to have a successful year and to develop confidence and independence in school.

                                                                                                Ms. Raphael

Goals of our Kindergarten Program

  • to develop a joy and enthusiasm for learning
  • to be respectful and understanding towards peers
  • to explore, investigate and experiment through play and active learning
  • to be a cooperative group member
  • to begin to develop appropriate strategies for resolving conflicts
  • to encourage and develop literacy and numeracy
  • to encourage the development of independence
  • to promote a positive self-confidence in every child
  • to promote a child's creativity and initiative
  • to promote the fine arts
  • to promote physical development
  • to develop a sense of community and belonging
  • to develop a sense of responsibility for one's actions, attitudes and learning
  • to orient the child to safety procedures in the school, home and the community

Grandview/¿uuqinak'uuh's Earth School Concept

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
                                                                       Albert Einstein

As a school community, we will provide an environment where children and families can be actively engaged in connecting with the Earth and each other to become self-reliant individuals who understand their responsibilities as global citizens.

Our Earth School concept means students spending time outdoors, learning in an experiential environment - or as we like to call it - our outdoor classroom.  We will emphasize learning through doing (playing, cooking, growing, building).  In 2011-2012, the whole shcool earth them will be "Forest".  We will use this large theme as a way to connect the learning your child is doing throughout the year.

There will be many opportunities for our students and families to become involved with the school community.  We encourage you to take part and work with us to provide all our students with a sense of mastery, independence, belonging and generosity.

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