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Student Safety

Attendance and Health

It is important for our students to establish the habit of coming to school regularly and on time.  This demonstrates to your child that what they are doing at school is valuable and worthy of respect.

Every child should have a physical examination before school begins (or by 5 years of age).  Your child should have a full series of vaccinations and immunizations before entering Kindergarten.  A dental check-up is also suggested before school starts.

Your child will be screened for vision and hearing during their Kindergarten year.  Families will be contacted by the Health Department if the screening indicates that more elaborate testing is required.

Clothing is important to a child's health.  It should be simple enough to allow the child to dress independently and should be comfortable enough to allow for freedom of actions.  Shoes without laces are preferred (velcro) unless they are able to tie their own laces.  Kindergarten can get messy so be sure the clothes your child wears can be easily washed.  Please provide a complete change of clothes that can be kept at school.

Keep your child home if they:

  • have a fever, sore throat or cough
  • have a headache or upset stomach
  • have an unusual skin rash
  • have chicken pox (until sores scab over)
  • Head lice until treatments are complete

Families and caregivers may also inform the school of specific issues such as difficulties seeing or hearing, past medical concerns, medications and allergies.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with your child in the new school year!

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