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Seismic replacement project announced for Hudson Elementary 

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The Hudson Elementary community is to get a new, seismically safe school, with funding announced today. 

The replacement of Hudson Elementary is a $40.1-million project funded by the Government of B.C., the Vancouver School Board and the City of Vancouver. The new school will include a Neighbourhood Learning Centre and pre-school space to accommodate the current programming at Hudson Elementary. Additionally, a proposed City of Vancouver rooftop child care centre will add 69 child care spaces for ages 0-4. 

Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2022 and be completed for September 2024. “We are glad that this school will continue to serve the Hudson community for years to come,” says Janet Fraser, Board Chair. 

Hudson Elementary is almost 110 years old and has been assessed as high risk in the event of an earthquake. The new school will be built at the existing Hudson Elementary site. Students will be able to continue attending school at the existing building while construction of the new building takes place.

Ensuring that all students attend seismically safe schools as quickly as possible is one of the District’s top priorities. 

This investment is part of the Province's work to accelerate the Seismic Mitigation Program and provide safe spaces for students throughout B.C. 

Find out more about the Seismic Mitigation Program at the Vancouver School District

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