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Hello All, 

This year due to the current pandemic, our Graduates are not able to walk the stage and receive their recognition.  In response, we are in the process of setting up a Grad event that students can enjoy with their immediate families.  To top the event off we are looking to create a Swag bag with memorabilia and objects and would love to receive any donations of goods that you might be able to provide.  We know these are hard times and definitely do not expect anything, however, there are companies that are still functioning at near capacity and so we are putting out this call.  If you can spare 250 items for our graduates, we would be happy to place them in their swag bags.  If you are willing to do this please email the administration (see below) and we can make this happen.  We have until the third week of June to receive any items as the last week of June will be our event.  Thank you for anything that you would be able to provide to make this event special for our graduating students.

All the best and stay safe,

Brent Schieman (Principal ...

Doris Sandri (Vice-Principal ..

Corrine Kinnon (Vice-Principal ..

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