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John Oliver Graduation Experience 2020 -- PHOTOS

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On June 24th, We celebrated our Graduation Experience!  Students Walked the halls which were decked out in Red and Blue lights.  They had a Grand Entrance, A Yearbook signing section (we will be making a small booklet for the grads of all the messages), then having their name announced and walking down the red carpet to cheers from teachers.  Next was the Artona Graduation Photo, and onto the Dancing, Whitecaps pick a number (cookies and ice cream also given out), A cupcake station and the Grand finale with teachers posters and Swag bags given out.  Also given out were Yard signs or Window signs if you don't have a yard!  We realized that some of the parts were too quick so I have posted in this post a picture of the Swag bag, and the teacher's celebratory messages along with a couple of other photos.  The JO twitter feed also has a short video from the event and hopefully we will put up more in the next couple of weeks.  

I would just like to acknowledge here as well the companies and individuals that helped us to put on the event:

  • The Vancouver Whitecaps (provided tickets for 2021 season to 25 grads, as well as was the contact for Sparkmouth, and a number of other offsite things as well)
  • Sparkmouth sparkling water (provided an 8pack of sparkling water for every grad)
  • Staples (Bridgeport store -- provided one of the Keychains)
  • E.K. Belsher (Artist -  created the card for all the grads ... look for the reference to the current situation in the books the grads are holding)
  • Tim Hortons (43rd and Fraser store -- provided a cookie for each grad)
  • Dairy Queen (43rd and Fraser store -- provide a free cone for each grad)
  • Artona ( created the yard signs for all the grads that had a grad composite taken)
  • 4Imprint ( supplied the 'stress-ball', cards, pen, and bag and donated the reusable straws for every grad)
  • TMT Media/Show Max (set up the event )
  • Arcteryx (supplied some hats/bags for Take a Hike grads)
  • Safeway (supplied the cupcakes)
  • John Oliver Staff (ran the event on the day and helped to encourage everyone)
  • Specifically the Office staff and my VP's (lots of work behind the scenes)

More to come soon (hopefully!)

Stay safe,

Brent Schieman


John Oliver Secondary

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