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JO Experience: January 29th & 30th

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Over the past two days, JO students had some amazing educational and experiential opportunities. From Alumni sharing their 'wisdom' to Anti-Gang presentations; Human Books to Financial Literacy; Game Ready Fitness to STEM Engineering challenges; Indigenous dancing to the Historic walking tour, students were exposed to a multitude of workshops that were presented by valued members of our immediate and extended community. The JO experience is meant to showcase that learning occurs in a variety of settings beyond the standard classroom. Students were able to move around in a conference type setting to different workshops/presentations over the two days. We hope students came away from this experience with a new understanding of career options, Vancouver's heritage, cultural appreciation, personal safety and wellbeing, and/or academics. We look forward to asking their feedback on ways to make this event even better in the future! Thank you to all the staff, students, and community members involved with the creation and success of these days.

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