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Quarter 4 Changes (Q4 starts April 27)

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Yes there are a few more changes for the Fourth Quarter in the Vancouver School Board.  A email was sent home on April 12th with more detailed information and a Schedule example. Here is a summary of changes:

1) All Grade 8 and 9 students will attend both their Face-to-Face classes and their flex blocks on site every day.  Students will be at school for the morning or afternoon 

2) Grade 10-12 students will be attending their Face-to-Face blocks as normal but will also be attending school 2 days a week during flex with the third interactive learning opportunity during flex being remote (or at the teachers discretion it also can be in person).  

3) Students can attend all day long but the classes in the afternoon will be a repeat of the classes in the morning.  Students do not have the option of attending some weeks all the time and other weeks partially but they have to commit to one or the other and contact the school administration to make that commitment. 

4) Linear classes will continue as usual, although some Skills blocks will be modified on a student by student basis depending on need.

Once again, please read the email of April 12th for more detailed information. 

We are looking forward to finishing the year on a strong note and thank you all for your patience with all the changes and modifications that have needed to be made throughout the year. 

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