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Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment - January 20 - 24

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The Graduation Literacy Assessment (and Numeracy Assessment) are a graduation requirement for all students in BC. The assessment is NOT a test but assesses students ability to apply their literacy and numeracy skills in realistic contexts. Students have been organized alphabetically into sessions to write the assessment. The sessions are either 9am - 12pm or 12:30pm - 3:30pm. You will be expected to have attendance taken in class, first period or the period after lunch. Students will be called at 8:55 or 12:25 to come to the computer labs to write the GLA during their specified time. The results of the GLA will be communicated by a proficiency scale and will be reported on students transcripts with a "requirement met" indicator only. The results are intended to be used in a formative way. Please check the schedule outside the office.

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