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IMPORTANT Changes coming to Q3 and Q4

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The Vancouver School District’s 2020-2021 secondary school year schedule enables secondary students to attend school each day while complying with the government’s COVID-19 health and safety requirements. It prioritizes student choice while maintaining pathways to graduation, and allows for consistency across all 18 secondary schools in the District. 

While health and safety remain our top priority for students and staff, feedback and data tell us we need to refine schedules moving forward.

The following changes are being made to secondary school schedules, for Quarter 3 beginning February 4, 2021:


  • All grade 8 students will attend their remote class in person, twice per week, during Flex time
  • All schools will go to a one-week rotation of remote and in-person classes
  • All students will have three interactive learning opportunities per week for remote classes, with increased social interaction

For more information on the changes, please visit

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