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Graduation Numeracy Assessment for Grade 11's

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The grade 10 Graduation Numeracy Assessment is a requirement for graduation. Due to COVID, the April write was cancelled, so all current grade 11's at JO have been scheduled to write the assessment the week of November 2-4. Students  will be writing the assessment OPPOSITE their face to face class. The schedule is attached and your teachers also have a copy. You can go to the BC Ministry of Education Website where you get some more information about the types of questions they will be asking and there are some practice assessments for you to look at.

BC Numeracy Assessment

JO Numeracy Schedule

On the day of your assessment, you will be writing in one of the computer labs. You will be asked to sanitize your hands before entering and leaving the room. You will also need to wipe down the computer before and after use. Remember to bring with you a pencil (or pen), eraser, and a calculator. The assessment is online and there are 2 questions that you need to show your thinking on paper.

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