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For the 2020-21 School Year, the Vancouver School District will be transitioning to the District standard proficiency scale for reporting.  

What does this mean?

For the 2020-21 school year the following will be happening:

  • All Grade 8 courses will use the District standard proficiency scale for reporting student achievement (This is just like elementary schools have been using for the last couple of years)

  • Some Grade 9 courses may also use this, but it is optional for next year (Fully implemented in 2021-22 school year)

  • All student achievement reporting for Secondary School (grades 8-12) will be based upon cumulative grading practices (as opposed to different terms weighted differently)

  • During the school year, parents/guardians will receive an interim report in November, and two formal reports, one at the end of January and one at the end of June (as opposed to 3 formal reports)

  • Student learning will also be communicated through a minimum of two additional informal reports (could be a number of different methods, including conferences, interim reports, portfolios, etc)

  • Letter grades and percentages will continue to be used for reporting achievement for all Grade 10-12 courses.  (for Grade 12's ... you will receive a letter grade and percentage for all three main reports, including the November interim report)

Why is this being changed?

  • This reporting change aligns with the redesigned curriculum

  • It also aligns with the Current Provincial Interim Student Reporting Order

  • And it aligns K- Grade 9 to the District standard proficiency scale which is supported by long-standing educational research

More information to come in the Fall. 

Stay Safe

Brent Schieman


John Oliver Secondary School

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