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Club Student Leader Sponsor Teacher Details

Rhea Dayal 

   Mr. P. Lee   

 Organize events to fight cancer and to raise awareness: Pink Week, Terry Fox Run, Daffodil campaign

 One meeting per month in Mr. Lee's room (listen for announcements)

No fees and/or special skills required


Library Club

Ms. K. Walks 

Participate in running the library

John Oliver Ambassadors


 Ms. W.Beamish 

Run and support events at the school(parents evening, school start up and closing, welcome guests to the school e.g.. Aboriginal Festival)

Link Crew

 J. Martin  

Welcome Grade 8s on the first day of school

Organize Grade 8 events such as dances and breakfast

 Make the Grade 8s feel comfortable at school

Meeting times not fixed - listen to announcements

Have to be a grade 10, 11, and 12

Welcome Club :: Homework Club



Field trips all paid for : Camping, Skating and Rock Climbing

 Games, Workshops and volunteer opportunities

Meeting Tuesday lunch Room 306

Meet after school Friday Room 306

 Requirements new to Canada (5 or less years)

Grad Committee

Ms. S.  


Members must be grade 12

Meet Thursdays at Lunch

 Organize whole school events such as movie nights, Halloween dance, fundraising for your Grad Year 


Students' Council

 Agampreet Gill

Ms. J. Symons

Mr. I. Lau

Organizing events: Spirit Week and Food Drive

Student governance

Membership through election

Photography Club


Rainbow Diversity


Mr. A.  

GBTQ & GSA/QSA awareness & safe place to hang out

 Meet in/at lunch room 214 Thursdays

   No fees, no special skills anyone can join see Mr.  or Brandy or Adrian to sign up

Block Club

Natori Hulipas 

Mr. D. Jabillo Ms. K. Matheson  

 Indoor track and meet & pep rallies

Location for events: gym

 Requirements to join need 5 points through playing sports or acting as an official

Interact Club


Mr. D. Jabillo

 Fundraising through the Rotary Club

Officials Club

Serena Luddu 

Refereeing for volleyball games, scorekeeping (volley ball and basketball)

Meet Mondays @ lunch in room 115 or Gym

Boys Club




Meet on a regular basis usually on Wednesdays

Listen to guest speakers on a range of topics

 Develop leadership skills with the help of mentors

Fundraise and give back to the community

Tech Crew

Emily Chu

Mr. Wilmann

 Receive training in operation AV and other equipment

Learn how to be part of a team

Learn how to run events

No fees/ any grade

Meet as needed sign up on Tech Crew Facebook Page

Film Club

Work on positive awareness videos for school education

Listen to announcements for updates

Aboriginal Club

Arran Roy  

 Chad Carpenter 

Organize and participate in aboriginal cultural events 

Listen to PA for meeting times

VPD Cadets

Arran Roy 


Application and recommendation required to join

See Constable  for details

Dance Club

Group meets weekly for practices and enters dance competition


 Play a variety of games: League of Legends, Smash Bros, participate in a variety of tournaments throughout the year

Meeting dates 3:10 at room 309 every Thursday

 No membership fees just follow Joker Code

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