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Our Staff

Please contact school staff through the office at 604-713-4577.

JQ Staff Directory
Mme Eve
Vice-PrincipalMme Pathyil
17Mme Alexis
26/7M. D.
36M. Vaillancourt
45/6Mme Geneviève
54/5Mme Halena
64/5Mme Camille
74Mme Bridget
83Mme Sevie  
92/3Mme Elisabeth
102M. Patrick
121Mme Dana
131Mme Nicholl
14KMme Chan/Mme Audrey
15KMme Campbell
Non-enrolling Teachers:
Prep Coverage PHEM. Sankey
Prep Coverage ADST
M. Card
Teacher-LibrarianMme Brigitte

Mme Ionta/Mme Pathyil

Area CounsellorMme Shoshanna
SLPMme Dora Malone
Student Support WorkerKaycie 
Student Support WorkerMagali
Student Support WorkerNina/Corinne
Administrative AssistantMme Toone
Administrative Assistant (Tues)Mme Dora
Supervision AideMme France
Supervision AideMme Suzie
Supervision AideMme Shub 
School Psychologist
Sharon Lee 

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