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Feb. 3-Time to Thrive with Tanis Frame

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JQ is excited to announce a presentation of Decide to Thrive by Tanis Frame.

February 3, 2020

Lord Byng auditorium

7:00-8:30 pm

Tickets on Eventbrite ($10) or $15 at the door.

Mark your calendars and get your tickets today!!


If you ever feel overwhelmed, behind, struggling to keep up, or feel like you just don't have enough TIME to thrive in your life, join us!

Together we will explore research based and readily actionable wisdom on how find and create the time for parents and families to get out of survival mode, jump off the hamster wheel and lean into some ease in the day to day so you and your family can thrive.

The good news: there IS enough time and it IS time to thrive. Discover why and how (ps. it's not time management).

Enjoy thought provoking ideas, ridiculously simple power-tools, and an evening of fun and connection.


Idealist, Possibilitarian, Thrive Catalyst, Play Evangelist, CEO of Decide to Thrive

Tanis Frame is a sought after speaker, long time facilitator, leadership coach and creative play ninja who spearheads the DECIDE TO THRIVE MOVEMENT, helping passionate people create the impact they are called to make in the world while thriving deeply in all aspects of their lives.

Tanis Frame is relentlessly curious about what cultivates thriving and what gets in the way.

With a background steeped in science she is uniquely skilled at teasing out the relevant insights and connecting the dots in a profoundly actionable way and brings a refreshingly adventurous spirit to exploring our human nature which unlocks huge opportunity for change and growth.Transformation has never been this fun.

Whether your vision is to guide one child, to lead a movement, or a team of hundreds, Tanis believes that it all starts with deeply aligned and integrated personal leadership - without which we can't effectively nor sustainably lead anyone or anything else. She also believes that having fun is our sacred responsibility and that play is the way home. When we decide to thrive, we play by a different set of rules.

She is also proud mama to two fierce young girls and is married to her best friend of 25 years and loves to play in the mountains with girlfriends and her pup. You can follow her adventures in thriving, leadership, motherhood and entrepreneurship here:



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