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We welcome learners of all types and invite you to contact our staff to learn more about the wide-range of excellent educational programs and services we offer at our school.

Continuation of Learning, April 2020

During the time of the COVID-19 pandemic families and guardians will not be homeschooling, they will be supporting their child(ren) from home while they continue learning. Our teachers and staff are the educators in charge of instruction. Child(ren) will be supported and so will be the caregivers.  Our District plan for continuity of learning is now available. Make sure to consult this website for guidance to navigate this new context of learning.

We are all in this together. 

Friendship Project-Community Project, End of April 2020

Inspiration has struck. It came from our Grade 2 friend Noah in Division 12. On his own, he decided to create a movie based on friendship. I am extending you the following invitation: As a community, can we let ourselves be inspired by friendship and create?! Whether it be a poem, a short story, a cartoon, a lego creation, a movie, a drawing, a song, etc. There are infinite possibilities to express what friendship means to you. I would love to see what we can come up with as a community so we can find other ways to connect socially while being physically apart. Do not hesitate to send me your creation, students and caring adults included! You can reach me at and together, we will build our Friendship Project. I cannot wait to discover what you will create.

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