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Practical Interactive Chinese Programs

Practical Interactive Chinese Programs in J. W. Sexsmith Elementary School starting from October 2019, in Tuesday afternoon, 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Red Apple Learning Paradise (紅蘋果樂園)

Red Apple Learning Paradise is a non-profit Chinese School offering practical Chinese programs in Greater Vancouver.

Its goal is to promote students to learn and master Cantonese and Mandarin in a more interesting and practical studying environment. Students are also trained in people's skills by developing a correct value concept, self-awareness, mutual respect and correct attitude to incorporate with other ethnic cultures so as to achieve a multicultural understanding and harmony.

Please direct your inquiries/registration to Principal Tang (604-874-9318 / 604-828-6668 / email:

如有查詢/註册, 請聯絡鄧校長 (604-874-9318 / 604-828-6668 / email:

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