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Hot Lunch Update

Update May 10, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We recently sent out an email regarding the Hot Lunch Program.  The email was in regards to those who paid in March 2020.  We have received responses from many of you, however we are still waiting for responses from many families.  If you previously responded to the Google form, please disregard this email.


For those who haven't responded, please complete the below form.  We require a response regarding what option you choose to do with your deposit.


Thank you,


The Sexsmith PAC Executive

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We hope that you all have been doing well. It's hard to believe that we're at the tail end of the school year.


This year has seen many challenges, and as a PAC we have tried to ensure that we've been able to support the school and staff while adhering to provincial health guidelines.


In March of 2020, our largest fundraiser, the Hot Lunch Program, was halted due to Covid-19. As the pandemic is still ongoing, the PAC has been unable to resume the program, and at this time, it is unknown when we will be able to do so.

Money raised through the program has been used in the past to purchase playground equipment, fund field trips, subsidize technology for student use, and so much more. This school year, the PAC was limited in its fundraising activities and was unable to fundraise the same amounts as previous years. 


For those parents who've paid for hot lunch in 2020, the total amount collected is $11,565 and we would like to offer you a few options.   


The first is to donate the funds that you've paid towards our Technology Fund. In the prior year, with consultation with staff, the PAC endeavoured to raise $40,000 to purchase a fully equipped iPad/MacBook cart for the school. A goal that we hope to achieve over the next two years. The funds donated by you will be restricted for this purchase. 


The second is to offer you a full or partial refund. We understand that this year has been particularly difficult for many families, and if you are able please consider donating a portion of your funds. 


Please note that this donation is not tax deductible, but be assured that the funds collected will be used not only to enrich our school, but also our children's learning.


We will require a response from all parents who paid in March of 2020 by April 30th. Please complete the following form with your choice . Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to forward them to


We thank you for your continued support!




The Sexsmith PAC Executive

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