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Fundraisers and Donation

**this page will be updated soon!**

Fundraiser - February 2021

Keep your items out of the lost and found pile by labelling your personal items with Oliver's labels.  Custom labels can be printed with your child's name to use on all their belongings.  When you purchase labels from Oliver's Labels, 20% of the purchases will support Sexsmith PAC's fundraising efforts.


Please take a look at the attached flyer for more information.


Do you buy $50 in gas at Esso, Shell or Petro Canada?  Do you buy $60 of groceries at Superstore or Safeway?    

If you do, then you can help fundraise money for Sexsmith PAC!  The PAC will be raising school funds through FundScrip, Canada’s leading gift card fundraising program.  Every gift card you purchase, the school PAC will receive a % of the sales.  

Please encourage your family and friends by supporting the school too!

The sign up link is :

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